Dance Assessments

Dance is one of the most physically demanding recreational activities and often comes with injuries throughout a dancer’s career. At Refine PT and Performance, we offer Dance Physical Therapy focusing on prevention, assessment and customized treatment for dance-specific injuries. In order to thoroughly understand the demands of a dancer’s career, the provider will have a holistic understanding of the dancer’s environment, rehearsals, performance schedule, age related changes, shoe wear, and the dancer’s overall health. This will allow for focused treatment sessions that tailors movement to the dancer’s injury, restrictions, or weaknesses. Hands-on manual therapy is vital to a dancers rehabilitation and includes techniques such as soft tissue mobilization, joint mobilizations, dry needling, and proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation in order to improve overall function and performance. We also work to improve muscular and aerobic endurance, neuromuscular control, flexibility and technique in order to return dancer to optimal level of performance and reduce risk of reinjury.